Andora, Colla Micheri, Poggio Brea. In the footsteps of Thor Heyerdahl

Price: 12 €/per person

Classification: route of naturalistic interest




5 hours


11 km


250 m

The proposed trek begins in Andora from where a soft path to Colla Micheri, a splendid typical Ligurian village, mostly inhabited at present by a small Norwegian “colony.”

To get to Poggio Brea, our destination, we will follow a route with splendid views of Mediterranean scrub ridges reflected in the sea.
A ceramic plaque commemorating Thor Heyerdahl the great explorer and his most famous feat: the ocean crossing from South America to Polynesia aboard a balsa raft, the Kon-Tiki, is visible at Colla Micheri. (101 days of sailing to prove that ancient peoples were able to cross oceans).

Thor Heyerdahl after this epic feat in 1958 decided to stop and live in Colla Micheri (Municipality of Andora) and described this small village and its nature as “a little paradise!”

A plaque with a view of the sea, at Colla Micheri, the place chosen as a retreat after so many sailings, is therefore most appropriate for those who have braved the seas and the ocean!

And his heirs and compatriots in the small colony still recognize the charm of this place.

The trail is easy, almost all along the high Baia del Sole route, with beautiful views of Laigueglia, Alassio, Capo Mele and Andora. The views inland are also striking: in fact, the arc of the Maritime Alps accompanies the hike along the entire trail (Pizzo D’Ormea, Saccarello and Mongioie above all) at the end of which we will find Colla Micheri again.
What a great man Thor was! It s said that when he was asked what the secret to staying young was he would answer:
“Never give up!”