From Colle di San Bernardo to Monte Galero

Trekking naturalistico
Price: 15 €/per person

Classification: route of touristic interest




6 hours


12 km


900 m

Medium-difficulty loop itinerary, very scenic, winding over the peaks of the Ligurian Alps, straddling the Piedmont region.

The starting point of our tour is the Colle di San Bernardo parking lot in the province of Cuneo, Piedmonte, which is conveniently accessible by taking the SS 582.

The walk starts off soft and gradual, following a wide dirt road that will take us through a forest of conifers.

We then continue up the road through beech and birch trees to the Fontana delle Meraviglie (Fountain of Wonders), where we will have a chance to take a short break before the climb becomes steeper.

Our walk will continue to increase in gradient and slowly become more challenging, and the dirt road will have a gentle slope at first, and gradually turn steeper and steeper.

We follow the signs of the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri (AV) and take a detour from the classic route to get to the Passo delle Caranche, which will immediately give us the opportunity to follow a scenic trail.

We then proceed on the ridge, which offers a sweeping view, toward the Ligurian Sea and the mountains of Piedmonte.

After arriving at the grassy base of the dome of Mount Galero, we will follow a rapid ascent to the summit located at an elevation of 1708m above sea level.

On the return trip, after descending the summit of Mt. Galero, we will continue in a loop, taking a downhill path inside a mixed forest of beech, chestnut, poplar and pine trees and then return to the dirt road we followed during the ascent.