From Conna to Pizzo d’Evigno

Price: 12 €/per person

Classification: route of historical and natural interest.




7  hours


16 km


750 m

We start from the hamlet of Conna (Municipality of Andora) and in 15 minutes of vigorous walking we will reach Monte Chiappa (541m), where we will come across a small stone house (a simple circular dry-stone building, a very common sight in the Ligurian mountains, used for centuries by farmers and shepherds).

On the way we will see Monte Bandia (566m), Pizzo Aguzzo (757m), Monte Ceresa (913m). And lastly, we will arrive at the highest elevation, Pizzo d’Evigno or Monte Torre (988m).

This is a long route with several ups and downs, which frames the Valle del Merula and the many hills of Andora, and offers splendid views of the peaks of the Ligurian Alps. We will use the same route for the return journey.