From Roquebrune to Monte Carlo on the Customs Trail

Price: 12 € / per person
* excluding travel and parking expenses in Roquebrune

Classification: route of naturalistic interest




4 hours


10 km


50 m

The hike begins at the restaurant “La Cigale – Vista Beach” in Roquebrune just past Mentone, in neighboring France. Just before this restaurant, which is located at the bottom of the boardwalk, we will find a convenient parking lot (for a fee) and the start of the hike.

The promenade, initially known as the “Customs Trail”, is now called “Promenade Le Corbusier”, in tribute to the architect, who died in 1965 and rests in the cemetery of Roquebrune Cap-Martin. Indeed, a few meters after entering the promenade, we will see the bronze bust of the famous architect.

After a few meters, we will enter a concrete underpass, which runs through a beach resort. From here, a long up-and-down sequence of concrete steps begins, alternating with flat stretches, overhanging the sea and surrounded by typical Mediterranean scrub vegetation.

Throughout the walk, we will find several concrete ladders that lead down to the water’s edge on cemented platforms, where you can sunbathe or take a break to eat.

The view is stunning; in addition to the wonderful views of the sea and the vegetation around us, we also enjoy a splendid view of the city of Monte-Carlo, which is always clearly visible most of the time.

Further on we cross another underpass, which cuts through the Villa Cypris, a property that belonged to Olympe Hériot, owner of the Louvre department stores in Paris, known for its panoramic terrace overlooking the sea. Immediately afterwards, we will pass under the Villa Cyrnos, former property of Empress Eugénie, wife of Napoleon III.

We continue until we reach the junction with the stairway that climbs toward Roquebrune. Past the steps on our right, the trail continues on a suspended footbridge that crosses the retaining wall of the Nice-Mentone railway line.

A little further on, the walk continues downhill to a pebble beach. At the bottom of the beach, we join the path that goes from the bay until we reach the Roquebrune train station. Once at the station, we will continue for a short distance on the sidewalk of the main road. Just before turning onto the road bridge, the path resumes. At this point, for a while we will walk with the sea on our left and the railway on our right.

The walk offers splendid panoramic views that will accompany us all the way to the Principality of Monaco, where the trail ends at the Monte Carlo Beach Hotel.