From the Ginestro Pass to Pizzo d’Evigno

Price: 12 €/per person

Classification: route of naturalistic interest




6 hours


12 km


400 m

The Pizzo d’Evigno loop, starting from the Passo del Ginestro (690 m) reaches the Passo di San Giacomo (756 m), Pizzo Montin (953 m) and then arrives at Pizzo d’Evigno (988 m) and returns to the starting point of the trip. Pizzo d’Evigno is a grassy pyramid standing near the sea. Its summit overlooks Imperia, Diano Marina but also Testico and the Merula Valley and divides the province of Savona from that of Imperia.

The itinerary proposed here is a pleasant scenic route among large areas of pasture, where we find numerous stone artifacts, very simple circular constructions that serve as shelter for shepherds and animals. From Passo del Ginestro we take a dirt road going south, and with an almost flat course, we arrive in 20 minutes at Passo di San Giacomo. From here we take, still heading south, a small path that goes to the ridge to Pizzo Montin. We descend in altitude, to ascend to the summit of Pizzo d’Evigno along its scenic ridge.

From the summit on clear days it is possible to see Corsica, but also the nearby Maritime Alps, much of the west coast and the villages of Diano Marina, Testico and Imperia. The hike allows us to make a short detour to Mount Ceresa (913 m), which dominates the valley of the Cervo stream and the small village of Villa Faraldi.

We will return to the Ginestro Pass on the road below, which cuts across the east side of the mountain at an elevation of 700 meters.