From the historical center of Cisano sul Neva to the forts of Rocca Livernà

Price: 12 €/per person

Classification: route of historical and natural interest.




6 hours


11 km


530 m

Cisano sul Neva is a picturesque medieval village located behind Albenga and follows the Neva stream. In this typical Ligurian village, the past has left important evidence, such as the Castello di Conscente ( a hamlet of Cisano sul Neva) and the 17th-century oratorio di San Giovanni Battista. Cisano will be the starting point of our hike to the forts of Rocca Liverna. The trek will provide 360-degree panoramic views of the entire city of Albenga and Valle Pennavaira.

A 19th-century Savoy military post, Rocca Livernà (546 m) was built on top of an earlier castle to control the Albenga plain and surrounding valleys. At the base of the Rocca is the battery, which housed artillery emplacements and troop quarters, connected by trench corridors; traces of a fountain can be seen along one of these; another tunnel ends in the rocks overlooking the valley below.

From the entrance to the lower fort, a narrow path leads to the upper fort, along with several rooms and trenches and a striking brick staircase that leads to the apex of the fortress, overlooking the Valle di Cisano. From here, the view sweeps over the surrounding area, where other forts of the defensive line are well hidden among the vegetation of the nearby mountains.

***Ownership of the forts belongs to the Municipality of Arnasco. For the time being, public entry into the structure is prohibited.