Hambury Botanical Gardens, Ventimiglia

Garden tour
Price : 10€/person
*excluding park entrance ticket

Classification: route of naturalistic interest




120 min


1 km


100 m

These are gardens covering 18 hectares near the French border in the municipality of Ventimiglia near Mortola, extending from the Via Aurelia to the sea.

Botanical gardens with English planting, gathering among the most important collections of plants of the tropical and subtropical genus, eucalyptus acacia, bamboo, succulents, agaves, etc.

They also house an area dedicated to Mediterranean herbs, exotic fruits, and an Italian garden section with peonies , roses, and climbing plants, and ancient citrus trees.

Sir Thomas Hambury, a great English traveler, was its originator.

He dreamed of a large area dedicated to acclimatization gardens, of botanical species collected from all over the world.

More than 150 years after its wish, it has become one of the most beautiful parks in Italy.

His challenging project, which required the intervention of landscape architects and botanists of the time, was also rewarded by the mild climate of western Liguria that also allowed the cultivation of specimens of tropical origin.

Also of interest is the harmonious relationship between the naturalistic\botanical aspect and the decorative and historical elements (fountains, statues, etc.), the Augusta Romana street running through them, and the historic pavilion.

Splendid glimpses of the almost emerald-colored sea that on clear days can be glimpsed among the many trees and arbors laden with brightly colored seasonal flowers and delicate or intense fragrances.