Il Sentiero del Pellegrino and la Grotta dei Falsari

Price: 12 €/per person

Classification: route of historical, geological and tourist interest




3 hours e 30 min


8 km


270 m

This path was formerly traveled by pilgrims visiting the many churches, now deconsecrated, the remains of which can still be seen along the route from Noli to Varigotti, two renowned seaside resorts in western Liguria.

Along the way it is easy to marvel at nature that leaves one “speechless” in its beauty and grandeur.

You walk on the edge of overhanging cliffs, where the mountain made of vertical cliffs merges with the clear waters of the Ligurian Sea, and you also encounter the well-known suggestive Grotta dei Falsari
The cave, located just upstream from Via Aurelia, is a rock ravine overlooking the sea with a spectacular semicircular opening, 25 meters in diameter that surprises because you don’t expect it.

This walk is perfect for trekking in winter or mid-season and it is suitable for everyone, even for children…