The hills of Andora, from Rollo to Monte Bandia

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Classification: route of naturalistic interest




5  hours


12 km


300 m

This is a very scenic route starting from the village of Rollo, in the municipality of Andora. A fountain from the medieval age, the Santissima Trinità Church, and the 15th-century castle represent the attractions that one can encounter at the beginning of the walk.

When you reach the La Colla pass, you can enjoy the view of the gulfs of Andora and Diano Marina. The route has a series of ups and downs, continuing north and reaching Colle Mea (383 m), Monte Chiappa (541 m) and Monte Bandia (565 m). The Chiappa Pass is an important road junction for reaching both the Val Merula (crossing either Conna or Stellanello) and the Valle Steria (San Bartolomeo, Villa Faraldi and Chiappa).

The vegetation we will encounter is due to the altitude and its sun exposure and is the typical wild vegetation of the Ligurian hills, changing according to the area. The trail passes through an arid area, and plants and shrubs such as arbutus, laurel, broom, oleander, juniper, myrtle, heather, and even prickly pear trees thrive. Aromatic plants include rue, sage, oregano, thyme, wild fennel and even, but rarely, wild asparagus. On the last climb to the top of Monte Bandia, tall trees that have risen above the others, such as holm oak, downy oak, and carob.